From Nature to your urban oasis, here is a list of vegan botanical ingredients found in Feedingsmiles skincare collection:

The Feedingsmiles luxury collection!

The Feedingsmiles luxury collection!

Apricot kernel- Apricot kernel oil loaded with minerals, B17, and essential fatty acids that provides superior properties to plump cells and protect against moisture loss. Apricot has excellent softening properties, helps the skin retain elasticity and is easily absorbed. Found in Flawless Face Cream, Paradise Body Soaps,

Aloe Vera- The ancient Egyptians called it "the plant of immortality. An excellent skin soother and hydrator. A natural sunscreen that moisturizes the skin and repairs irritated skin. Found in Luscious Hair ShampooSuccess Hair OilBrilliant Cleansing Oil

Activated Charcoal- “Activated” bamboo charcoal absorbs a high volume of bacteria, toxins, and micro-particles. Is it highly praised for its capacity for drawing out heavy metals and dirt from clogged pores. Found in Paradise Bar soapSynergy Facial Mask

African Shea Butter –  vitamins, minerals Shea butter is considered a super food for the skin as it is  rich in precious constituents such as  essential fatty acids, vitaminsA, E and D. Collagen production stimulating. African shea butter reduces wrinkles, fine lines and repairs scars. Shea butter is a natural sun block that is extremely hydrating. Found in Beach Body Scrub, Luxury Body Butter, Flawless Face Cream

Basil- Basil is a mood elevating plant with anti-depressant effects. When used topically, it combats cellulite and tones tissue. Basil works wonders on, acne, pimples and skin irritations. Basil lightens scars and dark marks. Basil is prized for tightening the pores and adding glow to the skin. Found in Gaia Facial Mask, Throat Chakra Oil

Beet-  Beet is rich and powerful with cell renewing antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. Beet has phytonutrients that boosts and prolongs the skin natural moisture. Found in Bloom Facial MaskParadise Body Soaps

Brown Sugar- A gentle exfoliator that helps remove dead skin cells on the body, unclogs the pores and lock in moisture. Brown sugar even out the skin tone, hydrates the skin, exfoliates the body and promote circulation. Found in Beach Body Scrub

Black lava salt- Black salt contains activated charcoal, which is used as a detoxifying agent. It is very cleansing in nature and flushes out heavy toxins. Black salt increases blood flow, reduces itchy skin, and eases the muscles. Found in Goddess Bath Salts

Cardamom- Cardamom is pain relieving and soothing to sore muscles. It is rich in antioxidants and topically antiseptic. Found in Sultry massage Oil

Coconut- Coconut is a great skin cleanser and hydrating oil. It is soothing to the skin, relieves flakiness and reduces stretch marks. Coconut oil is a richly hydrating natural sunscreen. Coconuts are high in antioxidants and lessens skin blemishes caused by aging and over-exposure to sunlight. Enjoy its warming essence. Found in: Luscious Hair Shampoo, Flawless Face Cream, Pura Bath Salts, Brilliant Cleansing oil

Cedar- Cedar reduces skin irritations, cleans out toxins, is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and protects the skin from harmful microbes. Cedar exudes a protective essence. Found in Divine Facial Steam, Throne Perfume, Serenitea Blend

Coffee- Coffee brightens the skin and is loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines. Coffee tightens the skin, promotes circulation and reduces cellulite. Found in Sunrise Body Scrub

Clove- Clove is a high source of minerals such as potassium, iron, vitamin A and C. Clove is natural skin purifier that is great for softening the skin. Clove gets rid of bacteria that increases the chance of skin breakouts and lessens the effects of aging. Clove is rejuvenating to the skin with stimulating properties that increase blood flow. Found in Refuel Beard Oil, Sultry Massage Oil, Beach Body Scrub

Chamomile- Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory skin brightener that is rich in antioxidants. Chamomile is soothing to the ski and relaxing to the senses. Chamomile is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic with the ability to neutralize skin irritants. Enjoy its warm and sweet floral fragrance. Found in Calming Facial Toner, Divine Facial SteamGlory bath salts

Castor- Castor deeply cleans the pores helps prevent the growth of bacteria, and fights skin acne. Castor stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Found in Success Hair Oil

Cocoa- Richly moisturizing, Cocoa Butter softens and protects even the driest of skin. It is a premier remedy for fading stretch marks, evening skin tone and smoothing lines. Found in Flawless Face Cream, Sunrise Body Scrub, Bliss Lip Balm

Cacao- Cacao is a good source of vitamin C. Cacao helps in increasing and protecting blood flow to the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing. Found in Sunrise Body Scrub, Synergy Facial Mask

Carrot- Carrot Seed oil is nourishing for all skin types. It contains cell rejuvenating compounds and high levels of antioxidants. Carrot seed oil repairs damaged skin tissue, addresses skin discoloration, improves complexion, tones and adds elasticity to the skin. Enjoy its earthy and herbaceous carrot scent. Found in Calming Facial Toner, Nourish Facial Serum, Golden Sun Oil Spray

Calendula- Calendula promotes blood circulation and stimulates the production of collagen to minimize scarring. Calendula is an antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral botanical that eases insect bites, minor cuts, and regenerates the skin. Found in Glory Bath Salts, Divine Facial Steam

Cinnamon- Cinnamon improves fine lines by plumping the skin and increasing collagen. Cinnamon improves skin tone, suppleness and skin complexion. Great for tightening the pores and boosting blood circulation. Cinnamon helps to remove dead skin and restores softness to your skin. Found in Sultry Massage Oil

Dead sea salt- Dead sea salt cleans the pores eases sore muscles, fights off skin cell degenerating free radicals, and removes dead cells from skin. Found in Glory Bath Salts, Goddess Bath Salts

Eucalyptus- Eucalyptus has fresh, woody undertones that clear out congested energy and cluttered thoughts. It is antiseptic and antibacterial, reducing irritations. Eucalyptus awakens and renews the skin. Found in Sunrise Body ScrubGlory Bath Salts, Passion Hair Conditioner 

Frankincense- Frankincense will inspires the mind to appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Frankincense eases emotional negativity and allows you to gain a fresh positive perspective on life. Frankincense is a powerful anti-aging astringent that protects skin cells, reduces acne. Found in: Calming Facial TonerPassion Hair ConditionerBrilliant Cleansing Oil

 French green clay- Green clay works by adsorbing impurities from the skin and by stimulating the flow of blood. As the clay dries on the skin, it causes the pores to tighten and the skin to feel firm. The clay's green color comes from a combination of iron oxides with decomposed plant matter, such as kelp, seaweed and other nourishing algae. Found in Gaia Facial Mask

Geranium- Geranium oxygenates the skin and balances the production of sebum, while keeping it supple and helping with the healing of wounds. It works well to clear congested skin. Found in Goddess Bath SaltsBrilliant Cleansing Oil

Grapefruit-Helps to clean and clear congested skin with its antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants that fight free-radicals. Enjoy its refreshing and sharp citrus essence. Found in Passion Hair Conditioner, Honest Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Facial Toner


 Green tea- Green tea contains a high amount of antioxidants as well as enzymes and amino acids that  reduce puffy eyes as well as dark circles around the eyes. Found in Gaia Facial Mask

Hibiscus- Hibiscus protects the skin from free radical damage, reduces appearance of pores, firms and lifts the skin. Hibiscus is prized for it’s natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin, speeding up cell renewals, and reduces acne breakouts. Found in Bloom Facial Mask, Radiant Exfoliating Grains

Himalayan salt-  Himalayan pink salt is known to cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving it smoother, softer, and cleaner than before.  The magnesium and some other trace minerals found in pink salt absorb through the skin to ease muscles and other soft tissues. The minerals in pink salt fortify the bones, skin, and tissues. Found in Divine Facial SteamGoddess Bath Salts

Hemp seed- Hemp seed is a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which maintain healthy cell growth. Hemp adds a protective layer to the skin, and helps prevent rashes. Hemp hydrates the skin, provides relief for acne and adds oxygen. Hemp is rich in vitamins A and E, and contains important minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. Found in Nourish Facial SerumHonest Facial CleanserPassion Hair Conditioner

Jasmine- Jasmine soothes sensitive skin helps fade scars. It exudes an uplifting and euphoric aroma. Jasmine rejuvenates the skin, relieves dryness, and is an antiseptic botanical. Found in Honest Facial Cleanser, 3rd Eye Chakra Oil

Juniper- Juniper tightens loose muscles, firms the skin and provides a youthful appearance. Juniper is  natural antiseptic that is goof for cleansing and toning the skin. Juniper berries contain high amounts of antioxidants that detoxify the skin and neutralize free radicals. Found in 3rd Eye Chakra Oil, Golden Sun Oil Spray

Kukui nut- Kukui is an excellent botanical source of vitamins A, C & E that provides superior moisture to the skin. Kukui nut contains fatty acids that protect skin from the environment and promotes healthy radiant skin. Found in Royalty Evening Oil, Sultry Massage Oil, Hydrating Facial Toner

Lavender- Lavender lock in moisture, soothes the skin, and reduces scaring. Its antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics help to reduce acne and restore balance to the skin. Lavender is comforting to the senses as it relaxes and calms the mind. Lavender encourages compassion and gentleness towards self and others. Found in: Brilliant Cleansing Oil, Success Hair Oil, Luscious Hair Shampoo

Lemongrass- Lemongrass promotes circulation and balances the skin's pH level. Its fresh, lemony notes with earthy undertones cuts through emotional fog to brings about mental clarity. Lemongrass encourages clear thinking and concentration.  It has astringent and antiseptic properties that clean the skin and reduce inflammation. Found in Luscious Hair ShampooSuccess Hair OilBrilliant Cleansing Oil

Lemon-Lemon connects the spirit and soul to renew the zest of life. Lemon invigorates and energizes the senses and it has a balancing effect on the skin’s oil production. Lemon adds significant vitamins and minerals to the skin such as vitamin C that lightens age spots and dark spots. Found in Divine Facial Steam, Honest Facial Cleanser, Nourish Facial Serum

Lotus-  The lotus is a flower that symbolizes purity, exclusiveness and moral strength. Lotus is full of vitamin C, B complex, antioxidants and a list of minerals that lead to a more nourished and brighter complexion. Lotus enhances sebum production, balances the skin, hydrates and improves elasticity. Found in Crown Chakra Oil

Myrrh- Myrrh is a natural astringent, anti fungal, antiseptic that stimulates blood circulation and ensures the proper supply of oxygen to the tissues. Myrrh is soothing to the skin and promotes a smooth, youthful-looking complexion. Myrrh promotes emotional balance and well-being. Found in Throne Perfume, Golden Sun Oil Spray

Neem-  Neem contains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants that help to protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals. Neem supplies the skin with vitamin E and is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving it greasy. Once absorbed, these powerful properties work to rejuvenate the skin’s cells and restore elasticity. Found in Nourish Facial SerumFlawless Face Cream  

Neroli- Neroli is a bitter orange antiseptic that keeps your body free from microbial infections and toxins. Neroli is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains anti microbial properties.  Neroli is effective for improving the appearance of acne-prone skin and improving the appearance of skin irritations. Neroli improves the appearance of skin elasticity making your skin look younger, smoother and firmer. Found in Success Hair Oil, Hydrating Facial Toner, Synergy Facial Mask

Orange- Antiseptic and mood-lifter. Brilliant Cleansing Oil. Sweet fresh citrus fruity top notes with radiant, sensuous undertones. Brighten moods for inner radiance and optimism. Bring laughter and joy into your life. Uplift spirit and refresh subtle energies. Encourage feelings of joy and happiness from deep within. Orange is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is naturally antiseptic. Found in Luscious Hair ShampooGlory Bath SaltsBrilliant Cleansing Oil

Oak moss- Oak moss has antiseptic properties that are soothing to any type of irritation. It is soothing to skin and keeps it smooth and soft by maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin. Oak moss has vital relaxing properties that calm your mind and gives you peaceful feeling. Found in Refuel Beard Oil

Olives- Olive oil is very similar to our skin’s own natural oil. It is easily absorbed into skin cells for nourishment. It contains natural sunscreen properties & is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids. Found in Paradise Body Soaps, Luxury Body Butter

Peppermint- Peppermint is great for cooling the skin, increases blood circulation, promote clarity, alertness and mental concentration. The essence of peppermint inspires and deepens intuitive insight. Alleviate feelings of insecurity and enhances positivity. Peppermint improves circulation and its fresh scent uplifts the mood. It is antimicrobial and helps revive dull skin. Found in Success Hair Oil, Luscious Hair Shampoo, Sunrise Body Scrub

Pumpkin seed- Pumpkin is a powerful oil with anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins A,  vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Pumpkin contributes to elasticity, fighting acne, repairing cell damage, reduces the appearance of scars and promotes cell growth. Pumpkin maintains the skin's natural moisture level. Found in Refuel Beard Oil, Luxury Body Butter, Sultry Massage Oil

Palo santo- Palo Santo also produces deep states of relaxation, calm, and mental clarity.ringing in positive energies and good luck. Creates a pleasant smell that enhances creativity, and repels mosquitoes. Fighting infection
Relieving inflammation
Relieving muscular pains. Found in Sultry Massage Oil


Rose- Roses have excellent moisture retention abilities that makes your skin soft and glowing. Rose is a natural astringent that controls excess oil, unclog pores, and tighten skin. Rose contains vitamin C that brightens the skin's complexion and offers soothing relief to irritated skin caused by acne. Found in Bloom Facial MaskGoddess Bath Salts

Rosemary- Rosemary is a stimulating herb that increases blood flow to surface areas of the skin and improves circulation. Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant that is used as a natural preservative. Enjoy its fresh and sweet herbal scent. Found in Success Hair Oil, Passion Hair Conditioner, Throat Chakra Oil

Rosehips- Rosehips regenerate the skin's cells and give the skin a healthier and more radiant appearance. Rosehips keep the skin hydrated and well moisturized. It has a high vitamin A content which keeps the skin elastic, prevents wrinkles and minimizes the flaws of the skin. Found in Bloom Facial Mask

Sage- Sage improves blood circulation and stimulates cell renewal. This herb is rich in vitamin A, calcium, and antioxidants that combat free radicals, thereby reducing wrinkles, and fine lines. Sage detoxifies the pore toxins, prevents cellulite and restores the skin's tone. Found in Gaia Facial MaskDivine Facial SteamFlawless Face Cream

Sunflower- Sunflower retains moisture and it is high in vitamins A, E, C, and D that regenerate the skin and also fight against acne causing bacteria. Sunflower is rich with anti-inflammatory properties, that reduce wrinkles and the appearance of premature aging. Found in: Passion Hair ConditionerBrilliant Cleansing Oil 

St. John's wort- St. John's wot is stimulates circulation of oxygenated blood to skin cells. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb work on the skin to offer some relief from these irritating skin conditions. St. John's worth is great for easing muscles and retaining skin moisture. Found in Sultry Massage Oil

Safflower- Safflower is a great source of Omega-6 and boosts the quality and appearance of skin by stimulating the regeneration of new skin cells. Found in Success Hair Oil, Luscious Hair Shampoo, Passion Hair Conditioner

Sweet almond- Sweet almond balances the PH levels of the skin. It contains vitamins A and D that remove dark circles and provides protein to the skin. Sweet Almond oil relieves itches, reduces wrinkles, nourishes the skin, revitalizes the skin, and easily absorbs into the skin. Found in Luscious Hair ShampooBrilliant Cleansing Oil 

Tangerine- Tangerine boosts the immune system while its scent refreshes the body and mind. It helps to tone and tighten the skin while combatting cellulite. Found in Throne PerfumeParadise Body Soaps

Tumeric- Tumeric is effective for acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin. Wild turmeric is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory foods in the world and it is sure to immediately brighten your complexion. Found in Luminous Facial Mask

Vanilla beans- Vanilla is rich in Vitamin B complex and antioxidants which are greatly beneficial for preventing damages caused to the skin by pollutants and toxins in the environment. Found in Sunrise body Scrub

Vertiver- Vertiver contains compounds that counteract the aging of skin. It has a rich, grounding scent that reduces anxiety and depression. Vertiver is great for balancing the skin's texture. Enjoy its dry woody scent. Found in Refuel Beard Oil

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is a natural preservative that works to block free radicals from the body, reduce wrinkles and keeps the skin youthful-looking. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin effectively, retains firmness and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Found in 99% of Feedingsmiles skincare products. 

Walnut shell- Walnuts are filled vitamin B that lowers stress levels and adds vitamin E to the skin to fight free radicals, promote cell growth and reduce signs of aging. Found in Radiant Exfoliating Grains

Witch hazel- Witch hazel is an astringent that is wonderful in reducing swelling, balancing sebum, unclogging pores,and reducing under-eye puffiness. Witch hazel clears and firms the skin tone. Found in Calming Facial Toner, Brilliant Cleansing Oil

Ylang ylang III- Ylang ylang calms the skin and balances the skin. It aids in reducing inflammation of the skin cells, releases muscle tension, and exudes a sensual floral scent. Found in Flawless Face Cream, Luxury Body Butter, Sultry Massage Oil