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Feedingsmiles Radiant Exfoliating Grains provide gentle exfoliation to render the skin feeling soft, clean, and polished. Feedingsmiles Radiant Face Exfoliant is designed to deeply cleanse and clarify the skin, revealing smooth & renewed skin texture. Our exfoliating grains are great for balancing the overall skin-tone. Feedingsmiles Radiance Exfoliating Grains are gentle enough to use every other day as a soothing facial cleansing scrub on very oily skin types. It is recommended to apply this once a week for dry and combination skin types. The Radiant Face Exfoliant works in harmony to cleanse the skin and reveal renewed skin radiance. 

-Scoop a quarter size amount of Feedingsmiles Radiant Face Exfoliant with the scoop provided, into the palm of the small mixing bowl.

-Mix these together with a facial brush to create a creamy, pink facial exfoliating paste.

-Wet the face first with warm water to open up the pores, then gently massage this creamy scrub unto the skin in circular motions to gently exfoliate the face and neck area.

-Rinse the face exfoliant from the skin with cold/warm water and gently pat your face and neck dry with a clean towel. 

-Next apply Feedingsmiles Calming Facial Toner to soothe skin, and apply 3 drops of our Nourish Facial Serum to the skin.


When using Feedingsmiles Radiant Face Exfoliant, store the wooden jar in a dry area, safe from getting wet. The Radiant Face Exfoliant comes with the option of ceramic scoop and mixing bowl made exclusively for the Feedingsmiles Skincare Line by Hand and Fire ceramics. Be sure to keep the scoop and bowl in a safe area. It is best to store the scoop and bowl in a cabinet and use it only for your beauty rituals. Hand wash or wipe the scoop and bowl after each use, to keep it looking good and ready to the next use. Feedingsmiles Radiant Exfoliating Grains can be used as a gentle facial scrub for very oily skin types every other day. Each container provides at least three months of facial polish if used every other day upon purchase. 


Sweet Frankincense, calming Lavender, & exotic Ylang ylang.

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Ylang ylang