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Feedingsmiles Skincare: Vegan skincare products for the skin, body and mind


FEEDINGSMILES: Sacred skincare rituals, using organic botanicals

FEEDINGSMILES: A Journey to harmonious skin through our crystal infused skincare collection

FEEDINGSMILES: Nourishing and aromatic, our signature range of products fortify the skin with vitamins and minerals



Feedingsmiles skincare, is made with natural ingredients

that work harmoniously with the skin

on a deeply cellular level to balance and nourish


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  • I am loving the smell and feeling of the sun oil spray. The act of giving my skin a daily dose of goodness feels great. Knowing I supported a locally made product is a bonus! Thank you Feedingsmiles!!!
    — Karli (Portland, OR)
  • Treating myself with Feedingsmiles by Elisa Roberts! Bathing in my new Goddess Bath salts, letting my tender skin around my eyes soak in the luxurious and gentle Balance eye-cream, with the Royalty Evening oil on my chest. Add a glass of wine, candles, some lilies and you've got a very happy gal!
    — Lynsea (Portland, OR)
  • Feedingsmiles Hydrating Facial toner is amazing. The scent is divine. It’s a pampering toner, and it is very soothing. I have dry (& sensitive) skin and this toner has helped my skin retain more moisture when I apply my moisturizer. The shipping was fast as well.
    — Julia (Silverspring, MD)
  • Feedingsmiles feeds my smiles!!! The Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish is full of love and my face is divinely soft everyday!
    — Genevieve (Portland, OR)
  • Feedingsmiles has me feeling like a goddess over here! I adore the Luxury Body Butter and Throne Perfume with Amethyst crystals.
    — Teagan (Portland, OR)
  • Feedingsmiles Divine Facial Steam is the coolest and yummiest facial product I have come across in a long time! I am thankful that a little goes a long way.
    — Doran (Carmel Beach, CA)

Luxurious ◆ vegan ◆ holistic

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